About the brand

 Lil´ Narciss - it´s, mostly, all about PEARLS!


The affinity for pearls begun not a long time ago...

I saw some inspirations on the internet and I wanted to wear something similar, because it felt cool.

Unfortunately, at that time, there were not so many items on sale and as I desired so much having such items, I told myself to try

a DIY video. 

And there it all begun...

With the time I made more and more items, and as my idea of having a online concept store swam in my head for years, I decided turning 

my HOBBY into business...

I extended the idea and added a bit of my personality pimping up clothes, creating unique pieces to be worn at any occasions.

You can also contact me for your own custom made jewellery & accessories ideas or pimping up some of your wardrobe items. I am an open person for any design, so we can create the ideal product for you!

Just call, and we see what we can do! :)

Please note, that Lil` Narciss is a romanian brand, but still, some specific products will be shipped directly from Germany. This entails higher delivery costs outside Germany.

Also please take note, that many of the products are handmade and hand sewed with love, but therefore may encounter some imperfections.

Treat the products carefully, so they can last longer. 

Please understand, that products from the limited/unique collections cannot be returned and/or refunded. The same applies to custom made items, as they are being concepted and created especially for YOU! :)


Hope you are identifying yourself with the concept,

Lil´ Narciss! :)


Stay tuned for more new stuff &

lil´ narcissistic ideas to come...:P



                                         Loving yourself is not a shame,

                                      it´s a way to honour & respect your

                                                        beautiful body! 


                                                      Lov3, Lil´ Narciss